The Months of the year – Children Song

(Are You Sleeping tone)

Created by Selfyparkit 

January, February

March, April, May and June

July and August

September, October

November… December…

Months of the year


Teaching Children Trough Song (Games)

Created By Selfy Parkit

Level : Kindergarten until Elementary, (any level for fun)

Type of Activities : Singing and Listening

Song : Head and Shoulders Knees and Toes

Duration : 15 minutes until 20 minutes

Purpose : Teaching part of body, Remember the vocabularies, Knows the song, Good in                                                                          pronunciation, Develop and train the concentration. For fun and exercise.

Procedure : –  First part = In a group of people (teacher/instructor and student or participant).

–  Second part = Consist of two people in one group, Each groups has 2 side teams                                                                  (the left team and the right team) or if you want, you can name the teams. The total                                                              of students of participant should be an odd number, if it is not, there will be three                                                                  people in one group.

How to play :

First, introduction (choose one of three instructions bellow)

  1. Write down the song lyric on the board. The teacher or instructor mentions the vocabularies or the words one by one by pronouncing the words and touching directly to the part of body as the teacher/instructor give the meaning to each words,
  2. Write down the song lyric on the board and ask the students/ participants to mention the meaning of each or the words by pronouncing the words and touching their part of body.
  3. or  teacher or instructor just only mention the words by pronouncing the words and touching your part of body as you give the meaning to each words.

Second, Teach how to sing the song

1.  Teacher/ instructor sings the song and does the action by touching his/her part of body, and the students or participants will follow afterward.

2.  Teacher/ instructor will sing and practice the song together with the students or participants.

3.  The song will be sung slowly.

4.  The song will be sung faster than before, and getting faster and faster.

5.  Sing the song together two or three times

Third, Concentration testing

The song will be sung together, but the teacher or instructor will touch his/her part of body wrongly (the words which is mentioned will be not the same with the actions). But, the students or participants have to concentrate to the right action (the actions should match to the words). The song will be sung slowly at the first for practicing but afterward will be sung faster and faster.

Fourth, Right team versus Left team

  1. Teacher/ instructor will ask one student or participant to come forward and she/he will be a teacher’s opponent in the game (the teacher/instructor can be the right team and the student will be the left team or on the contrary).
  2. a.   Teacher/ instructor asks the students or participants to sit two by two in one group (The students or participants in each group will sit down face to face which legs put straightly on the floor and the toes of students or participants are touching each other). Or,

b.  Teacher/instructor asks the students or participants to stand up in a group which consist of two people, and face each other. However, sitting down position would be more fun.

  1. The teacher/instructor explain the rules of game ;

–       The students or participants in one group will be split into two team which is right and left team.

–       First, the right teams will be a ‘Devil’ which bother your concentration by doing the action wrongly, and the left teams must to concentrate to the right action (touch the parts of body according to the words). Second round the left teams will be a ‘Devil’ and the right teams must to concentrate to the right action too.

  1. Teacher/ instructor gives practice by singing and doing the action together before run into the concentration part.
  2. Start to sing the song slowly and afterward faster and faster.

There will be no winner in this game, it’s only for fun, exercisable and concentrated game.

Thank You and Have Fun