By U’un Arifien (Kwee Ping Oen)


Make up Your Mind @selfyparkitHappyLife

In this life we are obliged to choose every single time we have to decide on what we focus on, think about what and how we do things. But somehow we are accustomed to doing things based on patterns of behavior. We jump right to conclusion and react based on what our feelings are and thinking of our repeated thoughts, which are more satisfying to feel. All of us eventually must feel anxiety and because of that we hurriedly take the decision with the same old patterns as usual.

The obstacle in making a right decision is that we are afraid to make mistakes, which prevent us moving forward and make us always think that we “cannot do it”.

We often forget that our life is the result of the verdicts that we took in our past time.

To make a good decision we should not think too fast. We have to slow down a bit and think about everybit of choice that could achieve a better resolution. By doing that we could see and ask ourselves “what is actually going on?” “Why is it happening to me?” From that moment it could make us realize the need to slow down a bit and think it over in detail.

In that kind of situation we have to realize that we will not be able to make a good decision every time but we could make it right. Which means everything that we have taken and decided will lead to a great experience. So that is why never be afraid when you make mistakes because those mistakes could make you a wiser person.

For example: if there was a bowl of warm soup, how do we know that the taste could satisfy us? We have to drink it up first to know how the soup tastes. So every decision will gives us a new lesson of life.

That is why we have to stop procrastinating, make up your mind, listen to constructive opinions and advices. Then make the adjustment.

Actually no one purposely make wrong decisions that could doom their life. However, there are some people who make a decision with doubts and ended up with impressive results. Despite this, there are some people who have made a decision which they thought was perfect but ended up otherwise, causing harm to their family for generations. (For example, look at those state officials that were caught by KPK).

That Is the Fact of Life

The truth is life is unstable.  Sometimes what we wish for does not come true while what we do not wish for come true.

So we have to be responsible to every decision that we make. There is no right and wrong in taking a decision as long we are being responsible to improve any outcome in life.

opa U'un

Translated by Sefly Parkit, edited Maurice P. Smith


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