By U’un Arifien (Kwee Ping Oen)

A park in Guang Zhou-China 2016. Selfyparkit

A park in Guang Zhou-China 2016. http://www.Selfyparkit.wordpress.com

If you decide to sit and read this article in the terrace at home now, all of it is the result of your decision based on your own thoughts.

If you have decided not to come to your community group meeting now, it is your decision based on your own thoughts.

If you choose to wear red clothes now, it is the result of your own thoughts and decisions.

If you have a TV at home by 32 inches, it is the outcome of your mind when you choose to buy a TV.

Briefly, every step of our life is the result of the decision, every day, every hour, and every minute. We always think and make decisions whether right or not quite right decision.

Our minds dragged us every day, since we wake up until we go to bed at night.

Our minds are busy responding what goes through our senses, our eyes to see, our noses to smell, our ears to hear and we feel something or also touched something, our minds respond to keep us busy doing something.

If we could see everything as a continuous process that never stops, then we will see things as they really are, but our mind are often fooled into concepts, and those concepts make human do not understand the reality.

The mind is often likened to a water storage tank. If the water tank is dirty, turbid or smelly, then we open the faucet to drain the dirty water, turbid and smelly too. The tank of our mind has two valves; words and deeds. If our mind is unclean and contaminated, so our words and deeds will reflect it which can harm ourselves and others.

I have read an article in Kompas on Sunday 24 November 2013 in the Parody column, the title is “Ngopiyuk, Maksi yuk” by Samuel Mulya. The conclusion of the writing in my opinion is Samuel criticized his friends/acquaintances who arrogantly invite for coffee or lunch without having of responsibility for their promises.

Mas Samuel wrote that a manipulator keen to see the gap to be used as a weapon of self-protection, they do not admit their fault. Manipulative man is a man who has been accustomed to turn error into a powerful truth weapon.

This little problem gives a great lesson that in life I should not be proud as a manipulator although it requires carefulness and intelligence above the average; it is not an achievement but just a form of cowardice.

Achievement is when I dare to admit and say that I was wrong, that I indeed forgot the promise I had said it from my own mouth without always trying to find loopholes to blame others, even in the polite form once, just to give the impression that I am a caring person. I would not see it as a pre-existing trait of “By design” that cannot be altered and make it as a habitation, which is so enjoyable until I do not aware that I am nourishing a sense of inability to trust my own mouth.

From the article above, then I remembered the beautiful writings of a yogi named Vikas Malkani from India, titled “Our Faithful Friend”

He wrote:

I am the servant of all great people, for those who are tough, I will make them tough. For those who fail, I the one who make them fail.

I am not a machine though I work with precision like a machine. – You can hire me to make a profit or collapse, all of it makes no difference to me.

Take me, train me, then I will put the world at your feet, Ignore me, then I will destroy you. . . . You know who I am. . . . . I am your friend, or your harshest foe  . . .

.. . . . I AM YOUR MIND. . . . . .

opa U'un

Opa U’un

translated by Selfy parkit, edited by Maurice P. Smith


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